Meet Robert Kirvan

Robert Kirvan Financial Planner, Partner

Robert Kirvan is a Financial Planner at Advanced Planning Advisors, Inc. His mission focuses on a holistic approach to retirement planning. As a fiduciary, Mr. Kirvan is held to a standard to act in the best interests of all his clients.

Since starting in this business over 25 years ago, Robert has expanded his services to include both insurance and financial services. His main focus is working with pre-retirees and retirees to build a solid financial plan that may enable them to enjoy retirement the way they have envisioned it. Robert takes a holistic approach to retirement planning, encompassing the entire financial house, not just segments. This allows clients to make sound and informed decisions that will not only impact today, but will have an effect on the future.

Robert is a co-host of SMART MONEY TALK, heard every week on AM560 – The Answer, Saturday mornings at 6am. Robert has lectured throughout the Chicago area with respect to retirement and retirement income planning.

Robert and his wife, Natalie, have been married over 24 years and have three beautiful daughters. They believe deeply in raising their children with the philosophy that family always comes first.